If it didn’t happen in CRM, it just didn’t happen!

Get ready to hear that a few times, it’s how ENC rolls as of today!

Get ready to hear that a few times, it’s how ENC rolls as of today! Of course there’s practice time, so use the remainder of this week (the rest of P6) to establish your procedures and get used to entering activity. A couple of items to note as y’all (i.e. Yankee trying to talk the lingo) adopt your new “Sales Assistant” with Sugar CRM.

  1. At the outset we still see revenue shifting. IF you are seeing numbers that don’t make sense, don’t be alarmed. Check two things;
    • Have all tickets actually been entered into the billing system yet, not just written but entered?
    • Are there any packages that settle at month end?
    • For the most part revenue should be close to correct. If accounts change that impacts the numbers. We are going to be relying on the revenue from our CRM almost immediately for reporting, understanding that some changes are still being made.
  2. Regardless of revenue, Sugar CRM should be used IMMEDIATELY for all account contacts, phone calls, scheduled meetings, presentation uploads, CNA documentation, etc. In other words, you should be able to document all your activity and start organizing your territory for future sales. Use of your mobile device is key and everyone, we all should become comfortable with looking at, and entering into, Sugar CRM via our hand held devices.

Start establishing a daily practice of reviewing sales status, opportunities, contacts, meetings, and calls. Use your new “sales assistant” as a Sales Assistant, rely on it to help guide you towards achieving greater success and letting others help you do to that by allowing them to support your efforts.


“The key to change …… is to let go of fear.”

– Rosanne Cash


Mom’s 5 Minute Quiz

This week’s quiz covers the recent Gatehouse June roll out. Please take 5 minutes to test your knowledge of this important set of updates. Good luck.

5 Minute Quiz Here.


  • Almost Summer Savings-BOGO’s Extended

    • BOGO’s are still good for new customers, and are now available for ALL! Remember, the first insertion needs to be run by Sunday 6/25, and the nc insertion must run by Thursday 7/1. Prepare for 1-hour sales focus daily thru Thursday 6/22 to make the most of this. Our local businesses will have great opportunities to continue their marketing leading up to the July 4th holiday!


Gatehouse June Updates

Recordings of all monthly updates are available on the Gatehouse Media Portal, in the Sales Training Center tab.

Summer Online Solutions Academy

Join the Training Team for a series of live webinars to learn individual solutions and ask questions in a virtual classroom. Webinars are scheduled for Tuesdays @ noon beginning July 11. Register here.

Google Analytics Thursdays 

Each Thursday in July will feature a session on how to read, analyze and use Google Analytics. This is a MUST KNOW for anyone that works in the digital space. You can reserve your seat for these Thursday sessions on the Gatehouse Media Portal in Sales Training, under Upcoming Sessions.

Sales Transformation


13 Presentations-one new prospect each week, 13 presentations at quarter-end. Plan on a brief discussion on this update during weekly 1 on 1 meetings this week.

Every customer outreach or “touch” is an opportunity to learn more. This metric will continue to be a KPI for ENC Sales moving forward.






  • Digital Ad Scheduling
  • All digital orders are being scheduled a minimum of no later than two weeks before the starting month. So if you have late orders after the 1st of the month, contact Jennifer Fryer to see if there are any remaining impressions left over for your digital. (Inventory is NEVER guaranteed and should be checked before ALL orders are submitted.)
  • PLEASE do not delete anything in a current month of salesweb. Contact Jennifer Fryer or Tina Gilmore to review changes that you are attempting to accomplish.
  • Check salesweb periodically. When something is wrong with any digital AdOps will leave a note next to the insertion order as well highlighting that order to ensure communication in case there are shortage of impressions or to check on ATOL, etc.
  • O&O Calendars
    • We are NOT using the old calendars, please make sure you are accessing the new and improved calendars. These include sticky notes and front page strips. Only AdOps has access to make changes on these calendars to insure accuracy.
  • Rich Media
  • Please make sure all Rich Media creative is Adventive before approval. If the creative has been built and remains using old Flite Tags the ads CANNOT RUN

  • Promotions
    • Promotion Intake Form
      • EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY, please use this form for any customer for whom you would like to consider creating a promotion. It is just a few questions of basic information we need to start the conversation in finding the right promotion. Not every promotion applies to every advertiser. These are the same questions that will be asked of you if you wanted to begin one anyway, so this just speeds up the process.
    • Promotions are not on the ENC Section Calendar.
      • These promotions are Gatehouse promotions, ENC major promotions, special pub promotions, event promotions, etc. The smaller and customized promotion ideas will be sent via the newsletter and also available on the Drive starting in July.
    • Standardized Levels of Promotions Participation
      • Many have delayed discussing promotions because there has not been a consistent level of participation. This is now fixed with standard levels. We have ranges of participation, basically small, medium, and large depending on what the business needs (again, it always goes back to the customer needs.)
      • If you are interested in a custom promotion for an advertiser, take a look at the levels of promotions we can do based on length of campaign and customer spend. Custom Promotion Levels
    • Reminder: Every sales rep has a KPI of minimum $1,000 of recognized promotion per quarter. We will be discussing  this in regular 1 on 1’s, feel free to bring ideas for those meetings as well.

Author: David Prizer

Digital media executive and thought leader, emphasizing local and small business strategies. 20 years of experience in metro and community markets. Still watching Seinfeld reruns and holding out for a Cubs-White Sox subway series in my lifetime.

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