Targeting 2.0

Targeting? We Dan Do That To!

Creating a customized, targeted audience for any digital campaign seems like a logical tactic, right? It’s going to be kind of hard to find anyone to disagree with that. Yet, how many times are we actually selling an audience to perspective clients without ever doing any creating in the first place? When we propose any targeted display campaign using GateHouse OnTarget without (1) submitting a custom audience request, and (2) including local O&O inventory in that campaign we are doing just that.

So this is kind of a two part challenge. The first part is going through the process of actually submitting the custom audience request, before we even start to propose our solutions. The reason for this is that the actual creation of the display campaign is part of the strategy to present to the prospective client. Anyone can target, remember that, anyone can target. However not everyone can target well, using deep insight, and Google Premier Partnership expertise. And not everyone has the array of targeting capabilities that you have at your disposal. This is a value that we bring to our prospective clients, and including that in the actual proposal makes sense.

The second part to this process, are the tactics and components selected for the display campaign. There is a very legitimate reason to include in virtually every campaign we create. And it has a great deal to do with local audiences, how they access information and how they view local newspaper websites. Our news websites offer local legitimacy and authority. Audiences will respond differently, and if clients are local, their message will resonate with a recognizable brand. In a Pew Research study conducted in 2016, an overwhelming majority (76%) of those accessing news via websites said they repeatedly turn to the same sources for the news they access. Our sites offer loyal audiences. And campaigns can still feature a level of targeting, So don’t presume that by including O&O in any targeted campaign will lose the impact of strong audience targeting.

Why is all this important? Because our local businesses deserve the best chance to reach the right customer who can make a purchase decision. Our audience provides that opportunity and the familiarity local brands have with our loyal audience is a connection that is more likely to result in a conversion. Our news sites are strong components that should be a part of almost every solution.

Quote of the week

“Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right. ”

-Henry Ford

Getting To Know Your MOM

  • You can be notified of the updates, when they happen.
  • The menu in the upper right includes tabs that will maintain static pages. We will keep updating the information on these pages as we go, but you should be able to find links, names, and phone numbers that you need on a regular basis. You can use this kind of like your own in-house directory.
  • Because this is a blog, you can comment. You can discuss things, you have the right to offer your feedback and ask for more information on anything you see, or don’t see. MOM will continue to give you basically, what you are going to need for the whole week to succeed. But now you can give back. Let MOM know what is going on. We can start a regular discussion. If you want to see something more about a part of our business, just ask. We have several individuals now contributing to MOM, so responses will have several perspectives.
  • MOM is available on ALL devices…desktop, mobile (Android & iOS), and tablet.
This is your MOM, at least at work that is.

MOM’s 5M

Test your knowledge with MOM’s 5 Minute Quiz. Taking this test is mandatory for all members of the MOM audience. Go ahead, the first 5 entries with correct answers will earn my admiration, a hearty hand clasp, and your name will be proudly displayed in next week’s MOM as a learned digital scholar.

Here’s this week’s 5MQ

Business Boost Summer Giveaway-July

This Summer Giveaway has already begun. Yesterday, ThriveHive began it’s Business Boost Summer Giveaway with in paper ads and email blasts. Local businesses will have the opportunity to enter this giveaway, and win great prizes for their businesses. In fact, one lucky winner will receive a custom digital marketing campaign worth $10,000!

Take a look at the great prizes GateHouse and ThriveHive are offering…  

  • Grand prize: One lucky winner will receive $10,000 in FREE custom digital marketing, run by our experts
  • Runner-up prizes: Two lucky winners will receive $5,000 in FREE custom digital marketing for their business
  • Additional prizes: Each week during the length of the contest, 15 lucky participants will receive a $50 Amex gift card
  • Everyone who enters will win a free digital marketing consulting session with one of our experts

Take a vacation from planning your marketing alone, and let our experts do the hard work for you!

This contest is designed to drive leads back to the markets, so each week, markets will be provided with a list of the leads who entered from their specific location.

Local Email Marketing to Our Own Customers

We’ve already sent our own email marketing announcement out to our own B2B list announcing the change to ThriveHive. You can check it out here,  Kinston, Jacksonville and New Bern each received their own custom version. Everyone should be letting local businesses know of our exciting change, this is a great chance to start new conversations and showcase our expertise including your own Google Digital Sales certification, imminent Google Analytics certifications, Premier Google SMB Partnership, and more.

Note: please remember that our own B2B database is dependent upon your updates. With just 2,700 names in the database today, I know we have room to grow. Please send a list of customers including name, company, job title, phone, and email address and they will be added very quickly to our own B2B list. 


Readers Choice-Best of the Best 2017

We are off and running with our Best Of section sales. Remember we have a limited sale window, all winners (Gold, Silver and Bronze) need to know that they’ve been selected. Please remember all winners should know that this information is confidential so an embargo is in place  until we publish. New Bern and Kinston will hold special receptions in September for the local community to see the winners face to face and sample some of the great food that the restaurants have to offer.

Special Extension Packages

3 & 6 month specials in presentation format!


Latest Ad Inventory and Rich Media Calendars Available

As we approach our Readers Choice selling season it will be more important than ever to CHECK INVENTORY AHEAD OF TIME before placing orders. Just because your proposal outlines 30,000 impressions over the next 10 days, does not mean that we ACTUALLY HAVE 30,000 impressions over the next 10 days, the way you are proposing. Please check with Jennifer, Tina, Mariela, or myself before we are committed to the customer. We will also be able to help recommend modifications to the campaign if we are running short on inventory.

See the latest ad inventory for all Gatehouse properties here.

Reader’s choice

  • Reminder that all Reader’s choice order confirmation forms need to be turned in to Tina
  • Please add your information to the shared spreadsheets once you have a signed contract.

Make The Grade

  • Please ask Tina Gilmore if you have any questions on these ad’s The sell sheets are on the drive.  Make sure that if you have sold a package that you put your info in sales web for the digital portion.


Athlete of the Week

  • New Bern – SOLD
  • Jacksonville – AVAILABLE
  • Kinston – AVAILABLE

College Football PICKOFF

  • Jacksonville, New Bern, Kinston
  • Promotion will run for 15 weeks (4 months of billing)
  • After each week, we pick a winner
    • Prizes will include ECU Tickets or a prize provided by the sponsor (value $100+)
    • Grand prize at the end from the advertiser (value $1,000+)
  • Special 3 Market Bundle available!
  • Need 2-3 prospects per sales rep

Upcoming Promotions – soon to be available!

  • Home and Holiday Show Promotion
  • Labor Day Promotion
  • Veteran’s Day
  • Halloween Sponsorship
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Promotions (Pink Sponsorship is SOLD)

Have A Prospect?

Contact Alissa Garfinkel with ALL QUESTIONS regarding upcoming promotions. 


Pie Chart of the Week

How Much Do Local Business Spend on Advertising Per Employee?

Did you know that the average Pest Control company in our market spends 11x’s as much on advertising per employee as do Health Care providers? And that includes local hospitals. In fact Pest Control businesses spend almost as much per employee as do auto dealers. That might surprise you. How many full page, 4-color ads are we seeing for pest control companies?

That is one of the neat factoids that can be pulled from the Borrell Compass Data. The Pie Chart attached simply shows %’s for an average ad budget for one of the many small businesses in our 7-county Coastal North Carolina Region. And to reiterate, online captured nearly 1/2 of every ad dollar spent in 2016. But one of the data points that also comes with the handout download portion of the Compass Data is the average spend, tied to an employee number. Simple math nets the average spend per employee.

Here’s a few more business categories and the average ad spend per employee from 2016.

Why is this important?

Do you ever wonder if your proposals make fiscal sense? Ever wonder whether or not “too much” is really too much? The Borrell Compass Data can show you just what an average advertising spend is for so many business categories, and you can do the simple division to determine what the average spend per employee is. So that means, the next question you want to ask a local business is just how many employees he/she has. Once you have that number, you have an idea what an “average” ad budget might be.

Note: these are 2016 totals, not the forecast year. But if you assume a modest increase you should be very close to the right number for the local business. 


Do your campaign recommendations look anything like this data? They can, just ask. And remember, the 2017 SMB Survey results should be compiled later in Q3. This will provide even more insight for your customer discussions.


…training…the new norm

Note: if you have yet to do so, please log into the new GateHouse Media Learning Management System.

NEW GateHouse Media Learning Management System

The GateHouse Training Team has invested in a new Learning Management System (LMS). This robust platform will be replacing our current training platform (ProProfs/ACE) that many of you have been using to date. The new platform called SmarterU, will provide many new benefits to you and our organization as we evolve and build our training curriculum.

The new learning system is based on Learning Plans and courses and they can be assigned to a user with a simple click, making training opportunities more accessible everyone!  You will also notice that we have implemented quizzes, games and/or tasks associated with some of our courses for improved retention!

Important, please read the information in this folder: Save this folder to your My Drive. 

Google Analytics for Beginners Thursdays

This is just a reminder, all sales personnel will be required to pass Google Analytics for Beginners by Labor Day. You may work ahead immediately by logging into your Google account and proceeding. Or you may pace yourself with other GateHouse employees learning more about Google Analytics each Thursday in July. Simply access the information here, and enroll.


Author: David Prizer

Digital media executive and thought leader, emphasizing local and small business strategies. 20 years of experience in metro and community markets. Still watching Seinfeld reruns and holding out for a Cubs-White Sox subway series in my lifetime.

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