Are you using the right tool?

The Wrong Solution Is Like Trying to Drive A Nail With A Screwdriver

Just because it’s digital doesn’t make it the right solution.

Have you ever heard a customer say, “I’m doing digital…”? What exactly does this mean? First of all, nobody really “does” digital. A business either uses digital tools to conduct business, stay in touch with customers and providers, or market themselves. They don’t “do” digital. Unfortunately, many times “doing” digital is code for, “I have some sort of internet thing going on here, and the last guy told me it’s what I need.” What would you say if the same customer told you he/she is “doing” print? Would you ask the name of the publication? Would you ask where the publication is distributed and how? Would you ask how much the business is investing in it? Would you ask whether or not it is helping the business, or whether or not there were analytics to show this? Doing digital, is not the goal, succeeding in business is. And among the tools that can help a business succeed are a number of digital products, capabilities, and solutions that can address some specific needs.

Just because it’s a tool in my tool bag, doesn’t mean it’s going to work.

I’ve got a tool box at home, and I also have a smaller tool bag that I can carry around with me when needed. At all times, in my smaller tool bag I have a hammer, several screwdrivers, a couple of wrenches, a small saw, as well as an assortment of nails, screws, nuts, bolts, etc. When I need to unscrew a wall socket, I grab my screwdriver. It works (no room to debate Phillips vs flat-head here) because it’s designed to turn the screw. It doesn’t work just because it’s in my tool bag. There are a number of other items in the same bag that won’t do me any good. They are in the same bag, but they are not designed to turn screws.

Not all nails do the same work.

I am great with a hammer and a nail. I can pound that sucker in with the best of ’em. But before I do, I kind of need to know why. Is it a nail that is going to hold up and proudly display a picture of my Grandma Daisy, or is it a nail intended for a 2×4 to support flooring of a new deck on the back of my house? Depending on which one, I am going to choose the right nail, maybe a different hammer, and use some thinking as to how many other nails I am going to have to hammer.

I also know how to use a saw, but…

I can saw a straight line with my eyes closed (not really, it’s just a saying used for emphasis.) But remember, a saw doesn’t do the same thing as a hammer or screwdriver. It’s in my bag all right, but it’s not going to accomplish what either of those other tools can, and vice versa. If the job requires free form cutting around curves and demands a jig saw, I have been known to botch the work. And if the job demands a mitre box to do the cutting, well frankly I just don’t have one. I have to ask for assistance in either case. But that’s ok. Not everyone knows it all. I am pretty good around the house with my hands. But I am not an expert with a jig saw, and I know where I can find one.

Enough with the tool talk. Different tools accomplish different jobs. Same for digital tools.

Consumers are constantly floating between various stages of a buying cycle. They are either just becoming aware of products or services, considering them, evaluating them or actually purchasing them. These are distinctly different stages, just like distinctly different jobs. Our digital tools can address all of these, but all of them don’t address them all simultaneously. All of the tools in my tool bag don’t accomplish all the tasks I have at home. Same goes for our digital tool bag. Knowing which ones accomplish the distinctly different goals make us all better digital handy men (and women.)

Quote of the week

“If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.” 
– Abraham Maslow

Getting To Know Your MOM

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  • The menu in the upper right includes tabs that will maintain static pages. We will keep updating the information on these pages as we go, but you should be able to find links, names, and phone numbers that you need on a regular basis. You can use this kind of like your own in-house directory.
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This is your MOM, at least at work that is.

 Helpful Presentation from Another GateHouse Location



IMPORTANT: Q4 Digital Rate Cards On The Drive

All sales not on a written contract or Q4 bundle should be using the new Q4 rates. 

Please access the new Q4 digital rate cards on the drive. What to look for…

  • Increase “base” rate for O&O Audience Packages
  • Premium charge for any campaign requesting specific ad units
  • Also please look at the “premium” targeting charges for OnTarget. These have been in play for a number of months but it looks like they have been overlooked.
  • Base rate for O&O using geo-targeting
  • Premium targeting fee “to be added” when any other type of targeting tactic is used
  • Plus don’t overlook the volume discounts on the card.

Q4 & Holidays Presentations

Packages, Pricing, and Presentations

Packages, pricing, and presentations are on the drive! 

There are many reasons to see all local businesses today about a strong finish to 2017. And ENC’s pricing is already set. Check out the deck from our Q4 kick off, plus the Q4 customer presentation template. You will also see sample presentations for guidance.

Remember, most local businesses are expecting a stronger holiday season this year, help them make that come true with our great Q4 bundles!


All sales personnel are requested to communicate with AdOps via email for all requests. Please help out, if you are not sending your requests via email, a face-to-face or phone request may not be fulfilled.

Notes from Tina…

  • Just a reminder to be patient with the ad ops team as we transition through the redeployment of responsibilities.
  • We would like to wish Megan Diaz Good Luck in her future endeavors, we will surely miss her!

Special note on ATOL…

Please make sure that you are following the correct protocol for INF. This is important as we will be charged extra for each revision when not considered an INF. When submitting an INF, please explain in detail what needs to be changed. Example below. While this is a little extra effort up front, it will result in you not having to send it back. We will begin collecting information from each person that uses ATOL to send to submit to try to get our ad’s back as per our original requests. Your help is truly appreciated in order to help to improve the situation.

(Click the graphic for a larger version.)


  • Now located on the AdOps page MOM, access from the Blog menu (upper right corner)

Events & Promotion

ENC Live is…

ENC Media Group’s events are now available with their own website, ENC Live is also now available from,, and, via the left hand menu navigation. We will be pointing all future website navigation for our live events to this website, and updating the site with appropriate detail and information. This is just another step in ENC’s evolution as a leading marketing services provider in the eastern and coastal North Carolina region.

Upcoming ENCLive events

  • ENC Home & Holiday Gift Show  December 15 & 16, 2017
  • ENC Bridal & Special Event Expo  January 21, 2018
  • ENC Jacksonville Home & Garden Show  March 10 & 11, 2018
  • ENC New Bern Home & Garden Show  March 17 & 18, 2018

I Love USA Photo Contest

A very special opportunity for a local business to show its pride in the USA

  • 4 weeks of audience participation
  • Patriotic photo submissions
  • Winning photo is picked, by our internal panel.
  • Prize for the winning photo, a $100 gift card

Title Sponsorship

8 weeks of advertising

  • 8 qtr. pgs
  • $1,500 worth of targeted digital display
  • 8 qtr. pgs of contest promotion
  • 4 weeks of FB posts to our followers
  • 4 email blasts to our registered user base
  • $5,900 value for only $2,400


Pie Chart of the Week

(Due to a temporary technical interruption from Borrell Assoc., there is no “pie” today. Pie will be on the menu next week. )





…the new norm


Have you logged on to the LMS this week? Set aside 50 minutes each week, one session or two 25 minute sessions, to review the latest from ThriveHive. This will go a long way to improve your ability to use all the tools in your tool bag. 

Author: David Prizer

Digital media executive and thought leader, emphasizing local and small business strategies. 20 years of experience in metro and community markets. Still watching Seinfeld reruns and holding out for a Cubs-White Sox subway series in my lifetime.

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