Don’t Believe Everything You Read…Ooops, Did I Really Say That?

There’s Work To Do, But We’re Doin’ OK


If you are tired of hearing about the lousy state of newspapers in their markets, you just might like this one. A recently published report makes a strong case for small market newspapers to be doing a much better job than the major metro’s in attending to their markets. While most of the media reports focus on metros in cities like LA, Chicago, San Francisco, and Philadelphia, a vast majority of newspaper titles are located in markets just like ours. And we are doing a much better job of staying close to our local customers and changing our product mix along with our go-to-market message.

You can read more about this report and an interview with the author here in StreetFightMag, but here are the high points, and how they really track where we are and our overall direction moving into the new year.

  • Newspapers are still part of the community. All the discussion about “moving to digital” is absolutely true. But it does not mean that newspapers have disappeared, a good portion of our markets still buy them and read them.
  • Newspapers in smaller markets have not run to the “shiny new toy” when it comes to emerging digital products, taking a more measured approach. This tracks the audience adoption of new technologies.
  • Smaller market newspapers (print and digital) are still the primary voice of and for the community, and we tend to know more about our communities than do the more often discussed metro’s.

So does this mean that everything is hunky-dory now?

This report does not say that smaller market newspapers have everything licked. But it does mean that you cannot characterize “newspapers” all the same. We (smaller market newspaper media companies) do a better job in our markets than the more often discussed major dailies. And local businesses in our markets need to know that because they are hearing dire forecasts from our competition.

One of the primary reasons that we are in a better position is that we are not focusing solely on our “owned” media. The size of the audience that picks up our daily newspapers and/or views our websites is changing. But our ability to deliver a broader, more targeted, more responsive audience to any business in our market has increased via emerging digital products, and our own increased product knowledge and training.

The bottom line is that our sales organization is better equipped today to serve our local markets than ever before. And our owned media still has a stronger impact on the local audience in each of our markets than do any of the major dailies. That is the message we need to carry to businesses in our local communities.

So as we approach 2018, with increased expectations to deliver on emerging products and marketing services, lets’ remember that we have a much stronger position than media reports might suggest. We are strong players in our own markets, and the emerging products, promotions, events that we expose local businesses to can play a much stronger role in the business lives of our own customers. And with that comes the obligation to dig in and push even harder to provide the right services for businesses and readers in our own markets.

Quote of the week

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives but the most adaptable”
-Charles Darwin

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NEW! Get Ready For CNC’s 1st Group Sales Meeting

  • December 12
  • 10 AM – 2 PM
  • Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce. map
  • Lunch will be served

This will be our first chance to start uncovering the power we have as a regional unit!

Casual attire ok (sorry, this does not include any clothing with the words Megadeath, Metallica, AC/DC, or references to the Panthers’ 2004 Super Bowl appearance. Chicago Cubs 2016 clothing may get a pass.)

UPDATE! ENC Front Page (STICKY NOTE) Sales Blitz

THE BLITZ BEGINS TODAY! Remember the dates for the sales blitz are Dec 4 thru Dec 8. We have increased the deployment of Weeks Group personnel to all markets so expect help every day this week! Please schedule all appointment on the calendars, here

  • The presentation decks, leave behinds and Letters of Commitment are located on the drive herePlease make sure that we are armed with all the information we need for these sales calls.
  • The folder on the drive also includes the “Letter of Commitment.” Please make sure we have these ready to sign  for every call.  We will accept these when reserving 2018 Sticky Note dates.
  • We cannot schedule dates without firm commitments, and thus we will also be able to start submitting orders right away!
  • Also included in the folder is an example of how the digital tickets should be completed. You can also find that example here.

NEW! Local Media Workshops coming in January!

Dates and locations will be available on the ENCLive website soon! We will again be hosting Michael Blinder for us “updated” small business seminars. This year look for more on social media, and packages that will be more digitally focused than ever.  Local businesses will begin to see more about this with an email campaign right after Thanksgiving, following up with social media. All MMSE’s will have collateral for email and hand outs.

Also, this year we will have local Chamber of Commerce’s in several communities as sponsors, so our communication will be stronger than ever!

  • Wilmington-Jan 17 & 18
  • ENC-Jan 29 thru 31

 ENC Sales Calendar

  • Access the section and event sales calendar online, here.

ThriveHive Holiday Packages

  • Collateral on the new ThriveHive Holiday packages can be found on the ThriveHive training site. They have also been downloaded to our drive and are available here. You will also want to check out the guidelines for selling and delivery of these valuable assets, here.

Social Management Packaging

  • ThriveHive has improved the Social Management packages making them fit the way that local businesses have been requesting. While the previous packages can still be closed thru Nov. 30, you should no longer be adding them to proposals, instead moving over to the new packages. (Note: I personally closed on one of the old packages last week and will be carrying through with that sale so it’s ok to move forward with the expiring packages if you’ve already included.) Collateral on the new Social Packaging is on the TH training site, and also downloaded to our drive, here.

Presentation Templates-EZ2 yuze!


New GateHouse One-Sheet Presentation Form

  • As announced in the October Roll Out Webinar, GateHouse has prepared a template for a one-sheet presentation. Multi-slide power points don’t work for all businesses. This new format includes all the salient touch-points of a great marketing campaign discussion. Please access this from the GateHouse Media Portal.
  • You can also access the Word version of this presentation here


NEW-Rich Media Update

  • Rich Media Calendars are here. And they are can always find them from the AdOps page attached to MOM, (upper right hand menu navigation.) Please check these calendars the 1st of every month so you can be aware of future reservations.
  • All 2018 requests for position must be accompanied with the written commitment/contract from customers. If this is an existing 2017 commitment that was made including 2018 dates please make sure we are able to review the commitment/contract. Thanks.
  • ALL RICH MEDIA CREATIVE must be approved 48 hours in advance, and allow 48 hours for rich media ad creation. Any advertising submitted with a shorter turn-around simply cannot be fulfilled. We really do not control this here, it is the same for all GateHouse Media sales operations.

Digital Reports

  • Latest reports just uploaded!-Campaign reports and monthly O&O audience reports are available on the drive. You can access them by selecting the AdOps page from the menu in the upper right hand corner of MOM!

Events & Promotion

NEW-Is it 2019 already!

  • Q1 Promotions coming to you soon…
    • 2018 Tailgate Giveaway
    • 2018 College Hoops
    • 2018 Tax Prep Quizzes and Sweepstakes
    • 2018 Valentine’s Day Stay-cation Giveaway
    • 2018 Bridal Show
      • Honeymoon Sweepstakes
    • 2018 Home & Garden Show
      • Home Revival Sweepstakes
    • 2018 MCAS Air Show
  • Who doesn’t love free stuff?

The easiest promotions to do are sweepstakes. The cost of a prize that a business gives us doesn’t cost them the value. We can easily target their audience and get them quality leads to go on. Remember: the bigger the prize, the bigger the participation!

Co-op money can be used and corporate companies are willing to pitch in to give a prize (example here – the dealer may not have given this prize out of their stock but Volkswagen Corporate could have.)


ENC Live is…

Check out ENC’s Event website. You can fine all the information you need (and so can prospective exhibitors!) This site is accessible from our local news sites, on the left hand navigation. Please make sure you help prospective exhibitors find it!

Upcoming ENCLive events

  • ENC Home & Holiday Gift Show  December 15 & 16, 2017
  • ENC Bridal & Special Event Expo  January 21, 2018
  • ENC Local Media Workshops, January 29, 2018
  • ENC Local Media Workshops, January 30, 2018
  • ENC Local Media Workshops, January 31, 2018
  • ENC Jacksonville Home & Garden Show  March 10 & 11, 2018
  • ENC New Bern Home & Garden Show  March 17 & 18, 2018

NEW-ThriveHive Sales Calendars Available!


2018 at a glance, holidays, marketing tips, everything local businesses will want to know about how and when to put their best digital foot forward (and a great road map for sales too!)

You can download the 2018 Marketing calendar today from the ThriveHive training website. Make sure all local businesses have access to this great sales tool.


Have you scheduled your 45 minutes with the ThriveHive training website yet this week? Best practice is a regular visit to the latest information available.


NEW-Pie Chart of the Week

Borrell Compass data updated this week!

The Borrell Compass data has been updated, over the weekend to reflect 2017 ad spend as base year, rather than 2016. So all Y-T-Y comparisons can show 2017 vs 2018 or your choice of year. 

2018 Forecast, Ad Spending by Channel, (Market Totals, 7-county CNC Market) 

This may be a repeat but it bears watching. For our full 7-county CNC area, 53% of all ad dollars will be dedicated to online methods in 2018.

  1. 53% Online
  2. 9% Local TV
  3. 8% Newspaper
  4. 7% Radio
  5. 6% Direct Mail
  6. 4% Directories
  7. 4% Other Print



Remember, this is from the overall market. Individual business categories show different expectations. Feel free to shout out if you are interested to see how any individual category may move in 2018. And if you want direct access to Borrell Compass, with some quick tips, just drop me a note.


NEW-Google Infographics from ThriveHive

This week’s infographic covers the education category. Did you know…

  • 1 out of 3 students use video to do research on schools.
  • Video is the most influential source in changing perceptions!
  • 47% of students are using smartphones to research their choices in education
  • YouTube channels are recommended “best practices” for strong educational marketing.

Check out all the Google Infographics on the ThriveHive training site. These provide great back up for all proposals. I can already vouch for the authority they lend in making recommendations. Customers love these, they really show that we know our stuff!



NEW-Holiday eCards Available

GateHouse Media has prepared attractive eCards for you to personalize and send to clients. You may already have seen this last week, with the recent GateHouse Sales & Marketing Newsletter. But just in case you can also access the cards and instructions here. Go ahead and download the one you wish to use, and the accompanying instructions, and share your holiday wishes for a great season and thank them for their business.

ENC Media Group Brochures


Just in…we have new ENC Media Group Sales Brochures that are available for all sales personnel. These great new brochures provide an overview of ENC Media Group, print and digital. As we continue to brand ourselves as a regional marketing powerhouse, this will help explain the overall capabilities and reach of our local properties, ENC Media Group, ThriveHive, and GateHouse Media.

These brochures will be available at all properties, and if you need more, let us know.




…the new norm


Google Analytics for Beginners-Have You Uploaded Your Certificate?

  • If you have not uploaded your certificate, you have not finished the training yet! This is a very simple process. Here are instructions on how to do this. Once you have uploaded your certificate, you can consider yourself passed and on your way to the next level!

November Digital Webinars from ThriveHive and GateHouse

  • Don’t forget to access the rebroadcast of the GateHouse and ThriveHive November Rollout webinar, from the TH training website, under What’s New. Lot’s of great reminders of 2017 product roll outs that are proven!

Author: David Prizer

Digital media executive and thought leader, emphasizing local and small business strategies. 20 years of experience in metro and community markets. Still watching Seinfeld reruns and holding out for a Cubs-White Sox subway series in my lifetime.

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