AdWords is gone. And we were just starting to get to get to know each other. Well, that’s not quite right. We kind of knew AdWords for a while, and there really is nothing “dead” about advertising with Google. It’s just that the brand AdWords is getting the boot, in favor of Google Ads. Why are they making changes to something so successful?

Well, I

Frankly, I only know what I read, and you can read more about the brand changes here . But why does this matter to me?

It’s getting to be that time again, all great sales folks will need to renew their Google Digital Sales certification. This is a general understanding of digital best practices, terminologies, and relationships within the digital infrastructure. And it’s about selling in that infrastructure. So when you go to the Google site to dig into 2018 study materials in advance of taking the certification test, you’ll notice the new Google Academy for Ads. You will notice your Digital Sales Certification expiration date there, (mine is August 7th, so my studying is starting today.)

You’ll also notice several types of AdWord certification. (Not sure if/how those will adopt the new Google Ads brand.) At this time, these are optional for us, but you may want to look seriously at certifications here also. AdWord Certification (as it has been called) provides a great basic understanding of how Google works, whether it’s Search, Shopping, Mobile, Display, or Video. Even if you are not managing a Google ad campaign, you would be surprised how often the knowledge you capture after certification in these areas is used in your basic conversations with current and prospective clients.

Google Analytics gets a change too. Google Analytics 360 Suite, the platforms used to measure and view website use, audience activity, size and make-up will be folded into a single brand, Google Marketing Platform along with Google’s DoubleClick.

 What does this mean to me?

Well first of all, this is a strong recommendation for any/all sales representatives to learn more about Google by adding levels of certification to your resume. But what is also part of this, is that these changes are not being made for us. They are being made for advertisers. And many of these advertisers are the same ones we want to talk to every day. Google is happy to make their platforms easier for us to use, they are also just as happy to make them easy for our existing clients to use. Getting real smart about Google, and at the same time understanding what they are presenting to all advertisers is just smart business.

Google is highly successful, yet they feel the need to continue to evolve to keep current business and capture new business. Maybe there’s another lesson there.

Quote of the week

“The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.”

— Vince Lombardi

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UPDATE-GateHouse Presentation Templates

All presentations to follow the GH template, immediately please.

  • Please note that these have been introduced and are available on the GateHouse Media Portal. Effective immediately, all ENC and WIL presentations should follow the GH template, both design and content flow. These are designed to follow the Sales Transformation steps and touch points, following the format will help guide us along the way. Please access these templates regularly. (Caution-if you download to your hard drive, be prepared to access again for any changes and/or updates that may occur from GH.)

NEW-Campaign reports continually updated, on the drive

  • Don’t forget to access the campaign reports on the drive, for our customers. These will be updated when received. Don’t expect to hear of an update, just access them and you’ll have the latest and greatest to share with clients. For ease of access, check the REPORTS page of MOM.

UPDATE-Q3 Sales Focus

  • Q3 sales focus on Audience Based solutions continues, sales incentives still good for all closed contracts
    • Remember to document in CRM, please use the Q3 Audience Based Sales campaigns for WIL and for ENC
    • Sales tracker is here.

UPDATE!-Best of the Best

  • Final Ballots available!
  • Public voting, July 24 – Aug 7
  • Sales ongoing NOW!

UPDATE! O&O Sell-thru…70% Goal

  • Check out the latest sell-thru stats, along with cpm averages on the O&O performance report. Access from the Reports page, from the upper right menu of this blog.


UPDATE!-Access Google Academy for Ads to Renew Your Google Digital Sales Certification

  • All Google sales certifications need to be maintained and kept up to date. If you previously took the Google Digital Sales certification, check out your status. Most of us need to renew. And while you are at it, you may want to dig in deeper and increase your knowledge with additional Google Ad Certifications!

UPDATE!-July 2018 Digital Webinars from GateHouse and ThriveHive

  • The July Digital Updates from GH and TH will take place on Thursday July 26th and Friday July 27th.  Register for one of these sessions on the ThriveHive training website.

Events & Promotion

UPDATE-B.Y.O. (Build your own) Promotion

If a business has something to offer as a prize, it’s a Promotion!

Want to add a sweepstakes to any ad campaign? Want to help a local business add to their database of customer leads? Want to provide a great branding campaign to a local business? This is an easy way to add great marketing exposure to any current advertiser’s program, for a fraction of the cost. And it also results in a $1000 promotion! (Available to any $500/month or more advertiser. )

We will create a quick sweepstakes for any existing advertiser, that will result in a $2,500+ marketing campaign. Total cost to the advertiser is $1000. Why not start out with a Wood Ducks ticket sweepstakes? Or have your client add their own give away (min. value $100.) We will add in promotional media that includes the following:

  • Targeted Display
  • Quarter Pages
  • Facebook Post
  • Logo on ads
  • Email to our registered database
  • Logo recognition on all promotion
  • Database Opt-in

Let’s take a look at your up to date CNA and we will create a great sweepstakes that will turn a $500 campaign into one valued at $2,500!


  • Athlete of the Week (New Bern, Kinston, Jacksonville)
  • Look for more coming in the mid-week update of MOM!

Design your own…just ask!

Promotions in CRM

  • All Promotions will have campaigns in Sugar CRM.  Be sure to link any opportunities to those promotions
  • When entering an end date for an opportunity, be sure that you use the deadline for the promotion.
  • If you have questions, contact Alissa

Check out the Encmedialive website for more on the following…

  • New Bern Home & Holiday Show
  • 2019 New Bern Bridal Show



ENC and StarNewsMedia reports are on MOM!

See the Reports page, from upper right menu of MOM!

  • ENC and SNM Campaign reports
  • ENC and SNM Monthly O&O Audience reports
  • GateHouse inventory availability (all sites)
  • ENCO&O  Rich Media Calendars
  • ENC Front page sticky note calendars


Pie Chart of the Week-Local Digital Ad Spending 2019

Last week, we showed the forecast for total local ad spend in our 7-county area, and online dominance continues. This week, we show how the online ad spend is forecast to break out in 2019. (Yes, we are already looking at 2019 for our presentations.)

  • General search continues to be the largest component
  • Targeted display edges closer to search, and will represent a larger spend in 2019.
  • Listings search is a very significant component. (This is the specialized searches, or vertical searches for specific categories. It also is impacted by our Local Listings Builder.)
  • Online video will be a strong component in the new year. (Something to start thinking about for all local businesses.)


For a larger view of this chart, and for all the prior charts that have been offered on MOM, check them out here. You can utilize them for proposals. Or if you are looking for something even more specific, shout out. It takes just a minute or two to generate these.

Good To Know

(Impress your friends, your clients, and your MOM…you may not know it all but you are trying.)

  • GateHouse acquires Southern Kitchen. What is Southern Kitchen? It’s important to know, this is not a SK is a destination site featuring content about cooking, eating, southern food and lifestyles. This is a great new asset and again shows the diversification of GateHouse. Check it out on
  • Yes, AT&T really is the competition. AT&T’s recent purchase of AppNexus, a programmatic advertising marketplace that competes with Google, shows that they are serious about their dive into advertising. AT&T already touches a huge number of SMB’s and larger businesses. Their plan is to become even more indispensible for marketing. More at
  • Google makes things even easier for SMB’s. Google has rolled out its first solution under the Google Ads brand, and it’s directed at SMB’s. This is a fully automated solution for creative, targeting with goals of phone calls, website visits and requests for directions. I strongly urge reading this, it’s directed at our customers. Check it out onSearchEngineLand

Author: David Prizer

Digital media executive and thought leader, emphasizing local and small business strategies. 20 years of experience in metro and community markets. Still watching Seinfeld reruns and holding out for a Cubs-White Sox subway series in my lifetime.

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