If you’ve been making multimedia recommendations to customers for a while now, this may not sound like big news. “I always recommend print with my digital proposals” you say…or vice versa. Well that is not really the case, and data further down will verify that. However additional information from Borrell Assoc. validates all the “multimedia” ideas we talk about on a regular basis.

Borrell’s 2018 SMB Survey results are in and they speak loudly to the concept that traditional media (newspapers, TV, radio, etc.) are hardly ever used without digital being  added to the overall media mix.

This may not surprise you, it did not surprise the folks at Borrell for sure. But what did surprise everyone was the fact that only 5% of SMB’s surveyed said they used “only” traditional media. This was a huge drop from the year prior, and verifies the idea that SMB’s are starting to realize that multiple platforms can compliment each other, driving better results.

These results shouldn’t suggest that anything that contains print and digital is a great idea. Of course no proposal is going to work unless it’s created well and the multiple components carry the right weight. But they do suggest that local businesses are willing…no, make that anxious, to take advantage of a well crafted campaign using multiple and complimentary media channels.

As a side note, another “factoid” coming from Borrell’s recent survey is the fact that overall, newspapers are doing a better job of recommending digital than any other traditional media. (See this week’s chart of the week.) In fact, SMB’s say that digital is recommended to them  71% of the time a newspaper advertising representative proposes a schedule. That’s better than any other traditional media! The only problem is, I am still wondering what happened the other 29% of the time. Guess that just means there’s still more work to do.

For a larger version of the chart above, you can find it, and another one in today’s Chart of the Day.

Quote of the week

“It’s not that we’re a declining business, we’re in a changing business”

— Dean Singleton (former chairman of MediaNews Group)



Chart of the Week-Who’s Recommending Digital?

Seems like newspapers are doing a little better than most other traditional media in making digital recommendations to local businesses.

Newspaper sales representatives recommended digital 71% of the time with a newspaper proposal.

SMB’s purchased digital from newspaper sales reps 56% of the time, second only to printed directories’ 58%.

They were unsuccessful 15% of the time, which is higher than most, which likely means there’s more work to do on justifying the recommendation.

An amazing statistic from this survey however is overall, digital components are purchased 81% of the time they are recommended. This is more proof that SMB’s are looking for good multimedia solutions.

Here’s a larger version of today’s Chart of the Week. 

And here’s a larger version from the opening feature from today’s MOM.

Mom’s Library

(what’s your mom been reading lately?)

  • Facebook is getting aggressive with changes supporting local business. Looks like Facebook is also in the Local Business biz. They have recently rolled out a number of features and changes supporting SMB’s. You can see what these changes are on StreetFightMag.
  • Mobile coupons, just about even with print coupons. Most of our research has supported the idea that consumers still prefer print coupons over digital versions. That is still true…barely…and recent research suggests that the preference for mobile coupons is just about to overtake print. Check out the story here, again, at our old favorite StreetFightMag.
  • Say good-bye to Google AdWords! Yep, Google’s cpc business is not AdWords anymore, it’s part of Google Ads. Google is also changing the branding of Google Analytics and DoubleClick. Here’s the scoop on SearchEngineLand.

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Author: David Prizer

Digital media executive and thought leader, emphasizing local and small business strategies. 20 years of experience in metro and community markets. Still watching Seinfeld reruns and holding out for a Cubs-White Sox subway series in my lifetime.

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