OK, so things are tough for many of our communities right now coming out of Hurricane Florence. And that can also be said for many of us as well. Taking care of family and home make up priority #1 for all of us. And then there’s “Back to business,” right? Except for now, it’s not back to business, as usual. There is going to be little “business as usual” for many of our local customers. So when we can turn our attention back to the business sides of our lives, we may want to look at how we can do the most good, and how our customers can be effective as well as beneficial to the community.

I’m no expert here, which is why this week’s “post-hurricane” edition of MOM turns to a more published source on the subject of how to market during and after a natural disaster. You can check out the entire piece at Hunt Interaction.

First of all, local businesses still have business to run, customers to contact, and a future to look to. We do as well. While it’s not business as usual, it is business. You should check out the entire posting noted above for a more authoritarian perspective. But here are some quick tips on how we need to get back to our business.

  • Empathy and humanity are watchwords for how we conduct our business.
  • Some of our customers may have some emotions tied to the recent weather related events and how it impacts their business. We need to expect that.
  • We may see some changes in how our customers purchase and/or plan their marketing.
  • Be aware of our own customer’s situation and resources available to them at this time. Are they able to access their data, is their store open and accessible, do they have access to their current customers, etc. 
  • Most importantly, listen to what is going on in our communities. Help our customers understand those issues.
  • Go out of your way to help alleviate concerns of our customers.

We have jobs to do, our company is still a leader in digital marketing services for local business. So we will be expected to do our jobs, and letting local businesses know the best way they can stay in business, the best way they can grow their business and the most effective marketing tools to use. Frankly, our customers will expect that of us. Doing it with empathy and humanity is our focus in the short-term. The success of local businesses in our markets is, and always will be, our focus long-term.

Quote of the week

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”

— Mike Tyson

Mom’s Library

(what’s your mom been reading lately?)

  • Amazon is now in the advertising sales business…big time! And you thought you only had to worry about Google and Facebook? It looks like Amazon is becoming a power-player in ad selling. While their share of the U.S. digital advertising pie is only around 4%, that still places them #3 behind the duopoly. And this is only going to be getting stronger with forecasts placing Amazon Advertising Services ahead of their Web Services for revenue in 2021. The competitive stakes are rising, and our digital acumen in the field with local businesses needs to do the same. Check out the story here on SearchEngineLand.
  • Not every digital tactic works for every client. And that is exactly what we have said several times before. Take for example, geo-fencing. Who wouldn’t want to target their customer’s location to steal away customers? Wanting that to happen, and making it happen are two different things. And who better to hear this from, than a competitor? In this blog posting from True Measure, a digital services company  partly owned by the McClatchy Co., when to use, and when NOT to use geo-fencing is discussed. There’s wisdom in this lesson from a worthy competitor. See more on this at
  • CTR and conversions don’t matter.  Huh? But we thought those were the only things that mattered? Not according to Google. And while this really speaks specifically to Search, it’s good to take some of this advice from Google. In the end, the customer’s sales are the most important goal, and bearing for a successful campaign. Using ad campaign metrics to describe success to a client looking to see more $$ just doesn’t ring true. Use your judgement here, but also take to heart this advice from Google. Read more about this at SearchEngineLand.

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Author: David Prizer

Digital media executive and thought leader, emphasizing local and small business strategies. 20 years of experience in metro and community markets. Still watching Seinfeld reruns and holding out for a Cubs-White Sox subway series in my lifetime.

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