Monday Online Memo is the “go to” source for the Coastal North Carolina sales teams, ENC Jacksonville, ENC Kinston, ENC New Bern & StarNews Media. Each week, MOM provides reminders about training, sales tips, and ideas to simply do a better job for our local customers.

MOM is not meant to be a replacement for any Gatehouse supplied training or updates. Instead, it will point out the most important areas to cover RIGHT NOW in order to help our business, and our customer’s business, succeed.

If, at any time, any of the contents of MOM strike you as off base or distracting to doing a better job, drop me a note. The full intent here is to emphasize what we need to know, what we need to do, and how we need to do it, in order to succeed.


To see MOM before it became a blog, check out all the older issues, here.