Targeting 2.0

Targeting? We Dan Do That To! Creating a customized, targeted audience for any digital campaign seems like a logical tactic, right? It’s going to be kind of hard to find anyone to disagree with that. Yet, how many times are we actually selling an audience to perspective clients without ever doing any creating in the […]

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Stop Selling Ads-Part II

Stop Selling Ads To SMB’s…They Need Your Service Earlier this year, in the Feb 6 edition of MOM to be exact, we discussed how local businesses don’t really purchase ads, they actually want solutions to a need. But that was our own take. Now it’s time for some experts in marketing services to weigh in […]

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Do As I Say…Not As I Do?

Does this guy remind you of anybody? That’s right, we get all the cool information about emerging marketing trends before anyone else, so we can let local businesses know what they “should” be doing. Makes us sound smart, right? Well, one piece of information coming out of the 2017 Borrell SMB Survey that we should be […]

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Why Do Customers Say Yes?

Relationships matter, right? Local businesses purchase our services because of our strong ties to the community right? Or do they say “yes” to our proposals because we back them up with such compelling analytics that they can’t say no? Well, it seems that there’s some truth in both assumptions. Coming out of Borrell’s latest SMB Survey […]

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