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ENC Media Group Promotions Intake Form

Any time you want help to pull together a custom promotion, or simply want to know how a promotion can help you and a local business, fill out the easy intake form and submit it. This will help start the conversation and make things easy for everyone.

Alissa Bowditch-Garfinkel


David Prizer


Think promotions are too expensive?

Have A Prospect?

Where’s Alissa?

  • Alissa’s schedule (this is flexible in regards to meeting with clients):
    • Monday – New Bern
    • Tuesday – Jacksonville
    • Wednesday – New Bern
    • Thursday – Kinston
    • Friday – New Bern

**Always available via email or mobile to discuss any possibilities.


Athlete of the Week

  • This big sponsorship applies to businesses that:
    • Want/Like to Be/Already are highly involved in the community
    • Audience of families, high school students, athletes
    • Does not currently run with us, is sporadic with advertising, or has potential for a large campaign
  • Sponsorship includes:
    • Exclusivity
    • Reaching a huge audience through digital and print
    • Logo and recognition on all items associated with AOW
    • Customize marketing campaign (to be used at the discretion of the advertiser)
    • Target their ideal audience
    • Presenting sponsor at the end of year Live Event (expecting 300-400 attendees)

This is a major campaign and is not meant for smaller accounts that have the capacity to spend less than $2k per month. BUT SO MANY DO!

This is your chance to speak to Alissa…

In the comments below – Name a prospect you may have for this sponsorship (if you have discussed it with Alissa – try and name another one not discussed)